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My Social Neighbor

My Social Neighbor Network

MySocialNeighbor is a free publicly open social network for you to share information with your neighbors, and those in your community. It’s easy, fun and informative.

There is a Group for Every City and County, where you can Join. Members can share Local Events, Town Meetings, Neighborhood Crime, or Ask a Neighbor for a referral on a Restaurant or Local Realtor.

Maybe Tommy down the street can help you Cut the Lawn, or Shovel the Snow out of your Driveway. 

Neighborhood Groups

It’s Easy – Create your profile and find a Neighborhood Group to join. Imagine the group as a chat room where you can communicate neighbors and others in your local area, share information and ask stuff.


Set your notification preference; you can get an update on neighborhood happenings daily, weekly, on each and every post or none at all. You are in control!

Local Events

Is there a Local Event happening that you want to share with others? Maybe a Town Meeting, Garage Sale, Open House, Church Event, or you just want to Invite Neighbors to a Neighborhood Block Party…

Own a local business and having a special event or great sale? Let your neighbors know by creating an event and sharing it with others.

We encourage organizations, homeowners and condominium associations to create events and notify those in the community.

Neighborhood Awareness

Unfortunately there are times when crime does happen. You can share and get information from Neighbors and even Local Police Departments on crime, suspicious events, or just things you should watch for, such as suspicious people walking around at night…

You can even post images caught on camera.

Let your neighbors know so everyone can be aware of happenings in the local community.

Meetup Groups

Wouldn’t it be nice to find other in your local area that have the same interests as you? Well, you can create your own local group to meetup with locals in your area. Maybe you can create a new friend or just find a racquetball partner.

My favorite are pet groups… I love meeting up with other neighbors and taking our dogs to the beach, park or just meetup for walks and playtime.

Members can create their own group and invite friends to join.

Create your Neighbor Profile

Ready to get started?

Once you fill out your profile information you will receive an email to confirm you’re a real person.. Then just Search and Find a group to join and start sharing and posting about your community, neighborhood, city, or ask for some neighborhood help.