About My Social Neighbor

Welcome to My Social Neighbor. Our Goal is for You to communicate with your Neighbors, Friends and Community about your Neighborhood or even others in the local area with similar interests. It’s really that simple, fun, and easy.

Neighborhood Groups

We encourage you to find your community (every city in every state is here) and join the neighborhood group. You can then start posting things that are happening in your neighborhood, ask for suggestions or recommendations about local businesses (such as; where is there a good restaurant? or Wow, I had a great experience at … ). You can even join existing local business groups or special interest groups.

Maybe you need help cutting your lawn or blowing snow out of your driveway and one of the neighbors can help. Wy not ask… 

Unfortunately crime does happen, let your neighbors know so everyone in the community can get involved or be aware. If your local Police Department, Sheriff, or local Law Enforcement is not yet signed up, invite them! (always good when they post information letting a community know about crime or even traffic accidents). We recommend City, County, and Local Law Enforcement create a Group, this way those who want to stay in tune with the local happenings can receive updates from their Police Department or Sheriff’s office.

Something Fun and Exciting is happening in your City or Neighborhood? Share it with others… Maybe there is a city or town meeting that you think others should attend, let them know…

I’m sure you get the idea by now. If you are not yet signed up, join us, create your profile and start sharing information with your neighbors… 

Social Network

Just like with many other Social Network you have a profile page and activity stream page where you can see what is being posted on the social or event groups you joined and the activity of your friends.

You will notice your profile has links, such as if you entered a zip code in your profile it is now a link to show other profiles with the same zip code. This allows you to find other neighbors in your same area. Most of the information on your profile are links to others with similar information, such as hobbies, employment, City, or interest. You have control over the content and can change or remove anything in your profile by going to the “edit” profile section.

But what about friends? Well you can tag them in Status Updates (activity) by using the @ symbol, you can also go their profile and send them a public or private message. In many groups, you can even invite a friend to join.

Local Events

You can create a local event by linking the event to a group, you will find all the events posted by others in the Group’s event section. Events can range from an association meeting, commission meeting, or even a street party (why not).

Join today and have fun.

By the way, we’re pretty new and small, we appreciate your feedback on how to better improve the website and service you receive. Good or bad, we would be interested in hearing it. We would definitely appreciate it if you invited your friends to join.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help!