Activity and Event Meetups

Activity and Event Meetups

Ever wanted to get out of the house more often and meet people with similar interests for activities or events?

Because My Social Neighbor is an area based network it’s easier to find other people in the local area.

Creating a Local Activity or Event Meetup Group is a great idea. For Example: We have a Weimeraner (a dog) and he is very social and active. I would love to meet others in my area who have similar pets so we can allow our dogs to play together or even have beach days, so we created the Group “South Florida Weimaraners“.

We Welcome you to do something similar. Whether it be a Singles Meetup Group, Activity Meetup Group, Hunting, Fishing, Snorkeling, Recreational Vehicles, or even Self Help Groups or Recovering Groups to support each other.

Creating a Local Area Group for Meetups is easy. We have a little more information here about Creating a Local Area Group.

The best tip is to Name your Group with the Name of the City, Town or County, and the name of the Event, Activity or Reason for the Group. This will give you the best results when others search the website for Groups.

Once you create your local meetup group it will show up on the Meetup Groups Directory.

Have Fun Meeting Up!!!