Hidden Groups - Family and Friends

Hidden Groups

Yes, My Social Neighbor allows you to create Private and Hidden Groups which are great for Friends and Family.

  • Private groups are by invitation only and but do show on the Groups Search. You will still need permission from a private group member or group administrator to enter the private group.
  • Hidden Groups do not show in the search and are private. You must be invited by a member of the hidden group to have access or even be able to see the hidden group.

Hidden Groups are great for Family, Friends, or even co-workers what want to have a line of communication with other co-workers.

We all know we have distant friends and family members we don’t communicate with as much as we would like to, these hidden groups give you the privacy and communication to maintain in contact and still keep in touch with family and friends.

The best thing is that you can set your notifications to receive a daily digest of the conversations, a weekly email letting you know about what the group was talking about or choose to be notified on every update posted in the hidden group.

Maybe you have a group of old High School or College friends you want to still keep in contact with, but don’t really keep in contact all that often. Our Groups are excellent for this, as you can just keep up each other and up to date with happenings and events.

Yes, we all know we text and call our close relatives, but what about the uncles, cousins, third once married then divorced but still part of the family… Well you get the idea. You can create a hidden group for your family and distant family just to stay in the loop with events, yearly get-togethers, plans, trips, new born babies, maybe your uncle bought a new house, or your cousin is getting married…

Enjoy and have fun with the Hidden Groups, they really are a great communication tool for friends and family to keep in touch.

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