Business Profiles and Groups

Business Profiles and Groups

Creating a Business Profile on My Social Neighbors is the same as a Personal profile, no we don’t charge. It’s easy, get started by Registering and Creating a Business Profile.

Once you have Created your Business Profile, Browse or Search and Join your Local Neighborhood. Your Business is free to post on the Local City or County Neighborhood Group.

Second step would be to Create a Business Group (also Free). We recommend you use the City name and your Business name; such as Joe’s Diner in Chester Arkansas. The why is simple, there might be 74 Joe’s Diner, but maybe only one Chester Arkansas. It will make it easier for customers to find your business group.

What can you do with the Group Profile, invite your customer to join and allow them to communicate with each other, refer your business to other members, and You get to send out Specials of the week, maybe a special Menu item, Promotional Sales, or maybe you are hosting a special event… It gives you access to your customers without them feeling like they are giving up privacy or control of their personal emails or information.

We would love for you to invite your customers by letting them know you are a part of our network, and invite them to your Business Group for special discount, coupons or just to stay in touch.

You can also create a Private Business Group for your employees, and keep them informed of special events, or happenings. You can keep that group private and only for employees is you like.

Once you create your business group, it will show in the Business Group directory.

Thank you for Joining MySocialNetwork. com.