Create a Group

So you have an interest in creating your own group, awesome!!! You will the be the moderator and administrator of the group as its creator.
To get stated Creating a Group just follow this link – Create a Group

What kind of groups can you create, anything you want within legal grounds and comply with our terms of service

When you create a group you will be the administrator of the group and can control the settings and notifications. Those who join the group can choose the amount of notifications they wish to receive, from every single post, daily, once a week or none ever.

Tips when Creating a Group:

If you want to create a local group, due to the way our search results work, we recommend if you are creating a local group, you use the name of your City, County, or even Community. For Example: “Shreveport Louisiana Police Department” would be a proper name for the Shreveport Police Department to use as their groups name. Or “University or Miami Science Study Group”, or “Tampa Florida Racquetball club”. Name your group as detailed and area oriented as possible so other can find the group during search results (if you want others joining).

Let’s say you love your dog and want to create a group so the member can talk and share information about dogs, maybe even do a meetup once a month. Great, create a group and invite those with similar interest. For example; I live in south Florida and have a Weimaraner, so I created a group called South Florida Weimaraners where I hope others with similar interest will join and maybe even meetup once a month to let our babies run and play.

We Strongly Encourage you to invite your local Law Enforcement agency to create a group. This way neighbors in the community can join and receive all the updates sent by the police department or sheriff’s office. Such are crime rates, roads or street blocked due to major traffic accidents, and such. Residents in the community can also have a line of communication with the Local Enforcement and provide tips or events that are happening. It’s always good to have a community involved with their local Law Enforcement.

But maybe you operate a homeowners association or condo association and want to create a group to keep those in your association informed of upcoming events or happenings… great idea, create a group and invite others in the association. This way everyone can be kept tup-to-date or meeting and happenings in the association.

In College and want to create a College or University study group, it’s easy to share information to the group without having to give out personal information to others.

Maybe you like Racquetball and want to be able to share information with those in the local area about Racquetball meetings, and times to you want the play to meet and play or maybe just find a racquetball partner in your local area.

Even Singles Groups, don’t want to give out your personal information, but want to meet other single people in your area. Create a singles group so other can join and schedule group events and outings. We recommend you name your group using the Local City, County or Local area name and description of the Group, such as “Atlanta Georgia Singles”.

Are you a Business Owner and want to create a group for your loyal customers? Our groups section is great for you as you can notify customer of upcoming events or even special sales. We recommend you name your group with the Local area and your business name, for Example “Chattanooga Tennessee Joe’s Pizza”. This allows others doing local area searches to find your business and join your group.

Involved in local politics and want to invite others to political events in your local area? It’s easy to create a group and invite those with similar interests to get involved. Once again, the best way to name the group is by Using the area and name. Such as “Dallas Texas First Amendment Group” or such.

I’m sure you get the idea by now, we welcome you to create a group, invite and share information with others.