Law Enforcement Social Media

Law Enforcement Social Media

Do you handle the Social Networking for your Law Enforcement Agency, Police Department or Sheriff’s Office?

Welcome to My Social Network. We would love to see you Create a Profile for your Law Enforcement Department with us. It’s a great way to socially interact with the local community and residents in the area you service. Hey, community policing is the new thing, and people are no longer playing ball in the street, they are on their smart devices and computers. This is a great way to interact with them. Even to get crime prevention tips, or for residents to discuss what is happening in their neighborhood.

After creating your Law Enforcement Profile, we would like to see you do two more steps:

1- Join your Local City or County Neighborhood Group and

2- Create a Group for your Law Enforcement Agency, Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.

This gives you access to the City or County Group and is great strategy for Community Policing, and the Group you create is Great to Notify Residents of Events, Happenings, Crime in the Area, or Road Closures. It’s also great to gather information in tips from the local residents as they will feel more comfortable with a direct access to their local Law Enforcement Agency.

Once you create your Law Enforcement group, it will show in the Police Groups Directory.

Thank your for Joining My Social Neighbor and Thank you for your Service!!!