Realtor and Real Estate Agents

Realtor and Real Estate Agents

Realtors and Real Estate agents, Welcome to My Social Neighbor. It’s free to post your listings and even create a Real Estate Group for your Building, Sub-division, Community, City or County.

My Social Neighbor is a free public social network for Neighbors to connect and share information about the local area. This is perfect for you as a Realtor or Real Estate agent. When you register and join, you can start conversation on the City or County group you join – there is a group for every city. When you have a property listing, we encourage you to share it with those in the city or local area group.

Maybe you want to take it a bit further and create a group for the particular Building, Subdivision, Community, City or Town you service the most. Think about it like this, it’s free advertising without having create your own website or pay expensive fees to join a real estate website.

We recommend you name the group as such: Name of area (building, town, etc), the City name, State. For example “Pembroke Lakes Pembroke Pines Florida Real Estate, or “Real Estate in Dallas Texas”. The name of the group should be the target area you are trying to gain. This will not just help with exposure to the group by search engines, but also gain more participants and people joining the group within our network who are interested in Real Estate. You are providing real estate information to prospective customer who wants your information, and might select you are their Realtor.

But don’t wait around, early to rise get’s the worm. We’re a new website and growing, stake your ground before the competition.

Once you create your Real Estate Group it will show up on the Real Estate Group Directory.

My fellow Realtors and Real Estate agents, here is some more information about groups and how to create a group. But you have to join first.

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